UK ranked 8th most dangerous country for biking

The answer? More speed cameras!

Posted: 20 December 2007
by Visordown News

IN A new report from the European Transport Safety Council, the UK has been ranked the eighth most dangerous country in you're a biker.

Although if you want to ride in a state of lovely cuddle bunny-like euphoria, get over to Norway - seems like their roads and car drivers over there are all centred around keeping us bikers alive. Marvellous. Stay away from Slovenia though. Bad place to ride a bike, apparently.

However, there is a worrying undertone to the Europe-wide report. In it, there are several measures outlined to curb what the report calls a: "Worrying trend in rising motorcycling fatalities." And whilst most seem perfectly feasible, item two in the proposal is to install MORE speed cameras to detect what the report singles out as 'speeding riders', despite recent British Government claims that speed is not the cause for most accidents.

The measure outlined include plans to:

- Enforce the compulsory wearing of helmets - Install speed cameras able to detect speeding riders - Improve rider and driver training with regard to particular hazards related to motorcycling - Address specific needs of bike users in road design and road maintenance - Mandate ABS for high-capacity machines and investigate their effectiveness for smaller bikes - Investigate the extent to which airbags are viable bike safety measures - Include bike issues in the European research agenda

Richard Allsop, the chairman of the Road Safety Performance Index Programme said: "While riding a motorcycle will inevitably carry more risk than driving a car, the implementation of dedicated safety measures can substantially improve PTW safety."

To see the report in full, go to:

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I knew we (Slovenia) were the most dangerous

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 10:43

8th's not bad......not good, but not very bad

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 12:26

who knows the actual table?

can anyone post a link or anything?

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 12:43

I've never understood why getting a letter 2 weeks after I've been speeding dangerously is helpful?

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 12:51

Another beancounter trying to justify their existance

Dangle em from the yardarm 

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 13:10

If Swedish riders only ride for, say, 6 months of the year in good weather conditions it is likely that they will do a lower average mileage and have fewer accidents than British riders riding all year round. 

'Tradition' is that UK bike fatals happen mainly in Summer, at weekends, and in good weather.

Now, whether that's low-mileage FWBs is another matter

When the figures for km travelled are calculated, the ones for Swedish riders may have to be rounded up whilst the British ones may have to be rounded down to produce an average figure.

 Have a look at the chart on P2.

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 13:51

Interesting to see a self promoting, private but carefully named group receiving so much credibility

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) is a Brussels-based independent non-profit

making organisation dedicated to the reduction of the number and severity of transport crashes

in Europe. The ETSC seeks to identify and promote research-based measures with a high safety


It appears to have an actual membership of 4 unless you include its 4 observers..and its website strangely prevents you from actually clicking on their sponsors..

Bunch of self appointed busy bodies trying to promote themselves for a series of lecture tours...hardly EU lawmakers

Posted: 20/02/2008 at 16:30

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