Tiger Woods and the motorcycle calendar girl

Legendary golfer linked to motorcycle-loving blonde babe

Posted: 9 December 2009
by Visordown News

SAY HELLO to Jamie Jungers - motorcycle calendar girl, brolly dolly and now Tiger Woods' latest squeeze.

American media reports have linked the 26-year-old to the multiple championship-winning golfer, whose earnings for 2009 are reported to have topped the $100 million mark.

Let's face it, if you were one of the world's richest men, what would you do in your spare time?

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does she realise shes back to front or is this her preferred position?

Posted: 08/12/2009 at 18:23

She's like doing the reverse cowgirl on big black things

Posted: 09/12/2009 at 12:03

gonna be a looooong offseason if this is quality of news

Posted: 09/12/2009 at 12:51

her shoes don't match her cozzy

Posted: 09/12/2009 at 13:24

wonder what he gets for a hole in one

Posted: 09/12/2009 at 22:09

i agree with FishFace, must get rid of the cozzy

Posted: 09/12/2009 at 22:40

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