Shipwrecked BMW cleans up a treat

Barman stands to make a packet

Posted: 18 January 2008
by Visordown News

A BARMAN stands to make around £5000 from the BMW motorcycle he salvaged from the wreck of the stricken cargo ship, MSC Napoli, in January 2007, says BBC News.

Jack Pyne, 23, a bar manager from nearby Sidmouth, was one of the lucky handful who managed to get his hands on one of the 17 bikes washed ashore. After hearing about the Napoli on the local news, Jack and two friends went down to Branscombe Bay to find out what all the fuss was about.

"We didn't realise that motorbikes had come ashore until we saw the container," Jack recalls. "There was a crowd around it and someone said, 'Help everyone else and you'll get one too.'

"I didn't go down there with the intention of stealing anything and I wouldn't have taken the bike if the policeman on the beach hadn't said it was ok. I've filled in all the forms and done everything by the book."

If Jack is given the all-clear to keep the bike, he hopes to sell it for around £5,000. Jack's replaced several parts to make it road-legal in the UK - the vehicle having been built for the South African market.

"I'm just glad to have been part of history," Jack says. "And I suppose I'm quite proud that people came from all over the country to try and get a bike, but I was one of the few to have managed it."

BMW says it wants the bikes back, but the scavengers have turned down the £260 it has offered them for each vehicle. The company says the motorbikes are not roadworthy because of damage from seawater.

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