Schumacher spills the beans on MotoGP rumours

'An absolute lie' says former F1 God

Posted: 28 February 2008
by Visordown News

Visordown Motorcycle News
Schumacher's confirmed he will not race in MotoGP

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER has spoken out on the rumours that he was aiming to ride a MotoGP bike as a wild card entry later this year and – surprise, surprise it’s all been a load of balls.

According to some wishful thinking, Schumacher was lining up a ride in the Mugello GP on a third factory Ducati. But the F1 man who used to be very good at going round in circles without having to overtake anyone took time during his Monday run of Ferrari testing in Barcelona, to call the story, “an absolute lie"

Click the link to see how it all started: Schumi to MotoGP?

He added: “At the most, I can race on a scooter.”

At least he’s honest about life on two wheels.

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