Robbie Maddison jumps 346ft

Australian jump king leaps into record books on modified Honda CR500

Posted: 27 March 2008
by Visordown News

Australia’s own Evel Knievel, Robbie Maddison, smashed his own world record for the longest distance jumped on a motorcycle, with an astonishing leap of 346ft yesterday in Australia.

Treacherous conditions have prevented him from training all week, but after a few smaller training jumps Maddison was ready to see exactly what his modified Honda CR500 and ramp could do.

The winds were still high but not wanting to wait any longer, he took the risk and hit the ramp.

“I have been saying all week how far I know I can jump and it is so good to go out there and prove it today. I have now broken my own record in training and I definitely have much more in the tank for Saturday night.”

Maddison was jumping in front of a host of onlookers who were shocked and amazed at the extreme distances he was going, hitting the take off ramp at almost 160 km/h, flying over 70 feet in the air and in the end jumping 24feet further than his New Years Eve jump in Las Vegas.

His challengers, Seth Enslow and Ryan Capes were watching on and now know it is going to take a huge feat to surpass the new world record of 346 feet.

“The bar has definitely been raised, it is not just talk anymore there is action behind it,” said Capes. The distances we are going to jump on Saturday night are going to blow fans minds. Maddison is jumping well, but I know I can still get him. It’s going to be a huge distance.”

This attempt will round out what is set to be an incredible evening of entertainment. As well as 17 other separate world record attempts, the event will feature an integrated pyrotechnics display and the sounds of home-grown bands Dead Letter Circus, Mammal and Kill the Capital.

The purpose-built landing-ramp which is the biggest ever constructed had its first real test today. It is 35 feet high, 160 feet long and 60 feet wide, and uses 25,000 tonnes of dirt, costing a total of $300,000 to create.

In total, the arena contains 40,000 tons of dirt and cost promoters over one million dollars to build.

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