Road users paid £115m in fines last year

Fewer tickets issued but revenue on the rise

Posted: 26 June 2007
by Visordown News

ROAD users spent a whopping £114.6 million on speed camera fines in the 2005/06 financial year.

That's 1% more than the previous year, even though there were less penalties issued this year, the rise has been attributed to a more efficient revenue collection system

Some counties claimed a 100% success rate of converting the tickets into cash, while counties like Surrey only successfully chased up 47% of the tickets issued.

The actual number of tickets issued varied from Leicestershire which had an increase of 48%, where as Derbyshire recorded a decrease of 30%.

The most money collected from speeding fines was in London, a huge £9.45 million, which works out at just over £1.20 per resident.

The largest amount per person was North Wales, at an average of £5.80 per resident. The home of anti-speed cop Richard Brunstrom had to top the list! Clearly we like winding it on in Wales.

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