Rare £45,000 MV Agusta stolen from car park

Owner treasured the bike and is devastated

Posted: 11 April 2014
by Visordown News

POLICE in London are appealing for information after a rare motorbike worth more than £45,000 was stolen.

The stolen bike, an MV Agusta F4 Oro, is one of only 300 ever made and was designed by the late Massimo Tamburini.

Three men were seen loitering near the bike at 6pm on Monday, around the time it was stolen from World’s End Estate in West London.

The 14-year-old bike had only 200 miles on the clock and a plaque fixed to it with the owner’s name. Detective Constable Eve Mole, of Kensington and Chelsea police, said: “The owner treasured this bike and is devastated by its loss.”

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Bad news, but you have to question whether it was a good idea to leave such a bike in a carpark. Was it even tied up to anything?

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 11:57

I would've thought that on a £45k bike you'd spend a fair amount on security (trackers, alarms, chains, anchors, the works)... They say you should spend around 10% of the value of the vehicle on security.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 12:17

Who would leave a bike like that unattended for more than a few seconds?!

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 12:32

No sympathy if you are daft enough to pay that much for a bike and you are daft enough to leave it unattended. You obviously have cash to burn. Silly boy.

Hope you get it back though.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 12:56

Hang on, short skirt, deserved it, eh?

The only people responsible for this are the thieving filth who stole it. We should be able to find nice things where we left them.

What I'm raising an eyebrow over is that Dibble have got a DC involved. Many of us "treasure our bikes and are devastated by their loss": does it only become a significant crime when the bike is worth more than most of us could ever afford?

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:02

maybe the guy was visiting a friend? went inside for half an hour? some of the "what do you think you were doing?" comments are a bit harsh.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:47

I think stop ragging on the dude. My BMW S1000RR got stolen and I have the utmost sympathy.

Find them and beat the cr*p out of them and get this poor guy his bike back whatever the circumstances.

We are so jaded into believing that you have to keep your bike in fort knox, if we punished criminals properly and caught them we wouldnt need that stuff because they wouldnt do it!

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 14:02

Aw come on. Even if you don't live in the real world you need to be aware of how it works if you are going to park your expensive bike in it.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 14:30

The Serie Oro was the launch model for the F4, and it was 'only' £26k back in 1999 which was double the price of the Strada model that was released shortly afterwards which didn't have all the magnesium gold coloured components and wheels etc.

A Strada hasn't doubled in value, values have dropped like a rock in fact so looks like the Serie Oro owner has done well, ignoring the fact that the irreplaceable bike will never ben seen again the owner will get a pay out!

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 15:04

That bike will end up in some posh gits living room or abroad I would imagine, I'd use the payout to get a 996SPS I think and keep the rest for servicing costs!!!

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 15:06

The owner was some finance big shot who probably bought it as part of his midlife crisis. I'm sure he'll be so upset he'll head straight back to the office, make a few dodgy gambles on the stock market with other people's money and then retreat to his Mayfair apartment.

Yes, I am jealous

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 18:30

Sounds like an insurance job to me.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 19:00

A 750 Oro with 413km on the clock was auctioned last September for £25,740 which is about right. If it is for real, the thieves have a problem as this is extremely rare, numbered and it's a small world for MVs. They won't even be able to part it out on fleabay.

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:30

Good call, Szmolo.

The owner was Luigi La Ferla, a Partner at World Trade Capital Partners LLP. The bike was never ridden on the road and wasn't even insured. So Luigi could literally afford to lose it.

I'd still chop the hands off of the thieves, mind.

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 10:43

Or you could take the alternate view and call it redistribution of wealth.
Personally I would feel a lot more sympathy for some skint 18 year old whose scooter was stolen while he was busy working in Macdonalds.
Not to condone thievery though..

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 11:13

Couldn't agree with you more duck51

What is £45k to this guy? Drop in the ocean

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 14:19

What some stupid comments. The theives are responsible, no one else. If this guy can afford it, good luck to him. £45k is the cost of a land rover discovery, i know which one i would rather have. Hope he gets it back undamaged.

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 15:57

What is wrong with the contingent of sad-faced, dour little men on this site who rub their hands together with glee when someone who owns something nice loses it? So what if he makes lots of money, does that somehow mean that he passion that he has (and we all share) for motorcycles is therefore less? For pity's sake, if anyone gets something stolen from them it's a shame, irrespective of their financial status. Clearly the guy knows about bikes or else he wouldn't have bought a rare MV so I'll bet its loss is no less significant just because he's wealthy. As for ''redistribution of wealth', I really hope that comment is tongue in cheek because as anyone who's had a bike nicked will know, police research suggests that most motorcycles stolen by professional thieves are out the country in under 48 hours. The cash lines the pockets of criminals who use it to come back and steal more of them! I just find it strange and actually very disheartening that people within the two wheeled community sit behind their keyboard with a self-congratulatory grin on their face when a theft occurs. We all leave our machines unattended (however infrequently), we can all imagine the sinking feeling of returning to your space only to see your bike gone, so why on earth make sarky nasty little comments about that situation just on the grounds of the guy's job? I hope the more cynical and clearly embittered posters on here never have to suffer a theft or else it might puncture their silly pomposity

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 16:11

Its not like he can just go out and replace it like it has a fireblade.......... he might be a well off plonker and should certainly have done more than 200 miles but we should be able to leave stuff and not have to worry about it being stolen.

I'd be gutted

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 16:24

lydgate - erm, maybe it has something to do with firms that are run by people like this who gamble with other people's money, and leave them high and dry when their high risk trades don't pay off?...

You've exaggerated our comments, and ignored the ones that say 'not to condone theft' or my own statement where I admitted I was jealous of the guy's wealth. Don't alter and deliberately misinterpret what others have said to suit your own argument. Save that for a Daily Mail forum.

I'm off out to punch pensioners and kick puppies now.

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 16:36

lydgate, dear fellow, the point is that Luigi wasn't even riding it. When he said he "treasured" it, think like Scrooge McDuck. It was just a motorcycle-shaped investment. He'll probably write the loss off as some tax dodge.

"Glee" that he's lost it? No. All theft is wrong and I would hang the thieves out of hang given the chance.

Giving a stuff though? Not any more. It'll just end up in some other grasping parasite's collection where it will sit around being polished by the maid once a week.

I feel worse for the bike than its owner.

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 18:14

The thieves are scum. They deserve Old world Persian style justice... off with their hands.
Nobody deserves to have their bike stolen. Period.

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 02:02

The owner has taste, he could have just bought the latest top of the range Ducati like every celeb biker/ rich prat!

however with just a could of hundred miles on the clock if it had to happen to anyone at least it wasn't a proper biker. Feel more sorry for the MV than the owner on this occasion as that gem deserves to be looked after AND ridden although you could excuse this particular bike being used in fair weather only. A cheap hack for crappy days would be needed like a 1098 lol

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 17:40

200 Miles in 14 years? Looks like he wasn't using it. I'm sure he's devastated that investment has not matured, but motorcycles are for riding.

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 18:26

There are some bitter sad bed wetting pricks on here,I dont care if he is rich or not i feel for the man,

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:20

I'm a banker and lose other peoples money on a daily basis it doesn't mean I don't work hard doing it. Luckily he has impeccable taste as the bike is beautiful and I think it's a real shame it has been stolen from him. I was trying to think of a relative comparison to the ordinary man, perhaps having ones 6th child stolen or their housing benefit removed, perhaps selling one of their kidneys to fund their booze addled Friday nights or heaven forbid their season ticket taken from them. Redistribution of wealth why not I'd pay considerable money to scream, urinate perhaps even defecate on these thefts doorsteps. Perhaps if I worked harder and didn't lose so much money I'd have enough to set up some sort of human hunting scenario, where we'd set the theft off running and chase them down on horseback or even better motorbikes!

I guess it is lucky posh gits do take on these bikes and even collect them as if it was left to the masses/great unwashed these bikes would be part of a continuous life of being ridden, stolen maintained on a shoe string as lets face it servicing isn't cheap on these types of bikes, until they returned to their rightful owner the scrap metal merchants. Perhaps communism would help bikes such as this? We could all ride them and no one really get to owns them - food for thought?

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 17:46

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