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Click on the links, pay a £2000 deposit and it's as good as yours, sort of

Posted: 10 March 2009
by Visordown News

Visordown Motorcycle News

RESERVE YOUR new Aprilia RSV4 online buying visiting rsv4aprilia.com and placing your order.

The first batch of RSV4s have already been reserved by 10 eager beavers but the company say you can join the queue by registering online and paying a £2000 deposit at your local Aprilia dealer.

We can't wait to try one; it makes a refreshing change to the usual in-line four stuff.

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" Makes a change from all those inline fours" .....Only 20 years too late, mate..... Anyone remember the handbuilt HRC 750 V4 RC30, the bike that changed sportbike design and allowed the working joe to effectively buy a works Honda racebike that came with the options of a full engine and chassis race kit, which won the inaugural WSB champion ship in 1988 and then again the following year? that in '89 was the fastest bike EVER around the TT course at over 120 mph race average which was acheived on a slower, twistier and bumpier course without the remodelled sections to get the average speed up, that won every 4 stroke title worth winning and still holds the official lap record around the Nurburgring. It was trick enough then to still be considered trick now, Titanium conrods, single sided swing arm, kevlar bodywork etc, etc, etc. Funny how history repeats itself, it's a nice try Aprilia but Honda got there LONG before you and I doubt if your V4 will make the same impact on the motorcycling world as the RC30 did.

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 08:37

i am guessing that you like Honda's then

well done aprillia i think, the bike looks like a good one

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 09:01

Buy an Aprilia - again?!

Will I bollocks!!

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 10:28

Am I the only person who loves the Shiver? I've only seen one of them, and don't hear them talked of often.

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 11:59

I have an Aprilia RST1000 Futura and I have to say its the best bike I've ever owned, Honda VFR included.  Its superb for touring (has the most comfortable seat known to man) and can do a bit scratching too.  Its ultra-reliable and well built too.

The thought of a RSV4 would appeal massively if I had a spare 13 or so grand kicking about!  It looks superb and even in Biaggi's hands the  race bike has had podium finishes already in its debut year in WSB.

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 16:30

This is all very well but has the final price been declared yet?

BTW johnnyrvf, it's not about being the first.  Why is that so damn important?

nsrmad, I'm pretty damn happy with mine.  Part of the appeal is the fact that you don't see many about.

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 17:39

If I win the lottery tonight I am buying one of those tomorrow.

I will then ride it and enjoy it, and bask in it's exclusivity. I shall turn up at the Stormy Petrel on the first Thursday after I get it, I shall turn up at Matlock Bath on the first Sunday, and at the Ace cafe in London not long after that.

I shall then park it up in the garage after spending a whole week getting it spotlessly clean again and shall only ever take it out for a ride again if the Pope sings on Britains got talent.

And I don't care what anyone thinks because I base my motorcycle purchasing and enjoyment on what I want. Not what magazines say, not what mates think, not what the wife says.

I would also be in the market for a Spondon Kawasaki (with the GPZ1100 engine). So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Posted: 18/03/2009 at 18:40

Hi iBurty, well to quote I think it was the man MacLaren himself , Winning is'nt everything but it sure beats the hell out of coming second....... I imagine the new V4 Aprilia will be an excellent bike , but that perhaps is it's problem , the world is full of excellent bikes and it won't shine nearly as brightly as it should, I'm 52 and so an old fogey but I remember two bikes that changed the biking world, the 1st the original Honda 750 four in a world that had been dominated by an industry ruled by total incompetents ( the old Brit bike industry ) that had'nt a clue about marketing in any real sense and so produced very underdeveloped out of date machines and nearly 20 years later the RC30 which was so stunningly different it carved out a mythical status for itself, something next to impossible in todays hyper technical market.......and perhaps thats the reason for the 1st comment, there isn't anything really NEW to be had from a conventional motorcycle anymore , all of them are so good as to be impossible to find any real fault with, especially when compared to what was on offer even just 15 years ago.

Posted: 19/03/2009 at 08:51

I take your point but at the end of the day the RSV4 is not about being innovative it's about producing a damn good bike.  Nowadays it's more about refining what works than producing something completely new.

If all manufacturers stopped bothering because it had all been done before there would be no new bikes at all.

Posted: 19/03/2009 at 09:15

Hi iBurty, yes ,very true, but what I like about older machines including old Brit , Jap and European machines from the 60's and 70's is that for all their limitations they are enjoyable to ride and to improve, the latest machines apart from their amazing performance are sterile, to ride them at speeds within the law makes them tedious, even at higher speeds they are so efficient as to be servile in feel and therefore once the buzz has worn off from riding at velocities not good for the life of your license or physical well being should Mr." I can't be arsed to look" be anywhere in the vicinity the satisfaction of ownership to my mind isn't there ;  for example I had a 2003 Z1000 Kawasaki, I remember the discomfort on long journeys and how good it was for a bike with conventional bars at conering at twice the U.K limit on the German Autoroutes but thats it, the regs now imposed on manufacturers to reduce noise has castrated the grin factor of riding, when I open the throttle of any of my at least 17 year old bikes there is an intake roar and off I go, I might not be accelerating any where near as quick as a 170 + bhp atw modern bike but I get a big grin from  the knowlege that I'm on a motorcycle and not a powered two wheeler, which sadly is the direction that bikes are going in......bikes have got to comunicate with you to really enjoy them, which the older ones do in many subtle ways , but something that does'nt may be tecnically brilliant but it's no longer a bike........

Posted: 20/03/2009 at 11:47


Posted: 24/04/2012 at 22:57

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