New Yamaha engines will use 20 per cent less fuel

Revised engine components and fuel injection systems will give better economy, say Yamaha

Posted: 4 March 2009
by Visordown News

YAMAHA MOTORS have announced they are working on a series of new motorcycle engines which will be 20 per cent more fuel efficient than their existing models.

The new engine design features revised internal components and an all-new fuel injection system for increased fuel efficiency, Yamaha claim. The first powerplant will be a 125cc unit and will feature in machines destined for Southeast Asia, in order to comply with increasing environmental legislation.

Yamaha also plans to export the high-efficiency engines to bikes exported to the US and Europe sometime in the near future; most likely the units destined for Europe will be larger capacity motors.

The company are using the skills of around 100 engineers from their large-bike development programme to speed up the implementation of the new fuel efficient engines.

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The descender on the M doesn't hit the baseline, and the tuning forks do not reach the outer circle.

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