NEC Show: Royal Enfield to unveil new models

New Electra Woodsman to appear on NEC stand

Posted: 20 November 2007
by Tim Skilton

ROYAL ENFIELD will unveil the Woodsman 500, the latest in a long line of Bullet motorcycles, at this year's NEC Bike Show.

The Bullet has been in continuous production since 1949 and the Woodsman is inspired by the street scramblers of the late 1950's that the company exported to the USA.

With its distinctive high level exhaust system, trials style bars, the classic British single is powered by the company's modern all-alloy Electra engine, with 5-speed gearbox and electric starter.

The traditional pushrod design means owners will experience the characteristic feel of a British single, combined with impressive fuel economy - the factory quotes 87mpg, which means a tank range of around 250 miles before switching to reserve.

The Royal Enfield Electra Woodsman is due in dealers' showrooms in spring 2008 and is expected to sell for £3,895 OTR (DL version with chrome guards £3,995).

Details from Watsonian-Squire on 01386 700907

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