Motorists drive around biker's dead body

Dead biker goes unnoticed in Jersusalem

Posted: 7 June 2007
by Tim Skilton

ISRAELI MOTORISTS manoeuvered around the dead body of a road accident victim lying in the middle of a busy intersection, failing to stop to help in an incident captured by a traffic camera.

Motorcyclist Moshe Yisraeli was seen trying to squeeze between two trucks at a junction on a highway near Tel Aviv Sunday.

He never made it, ending up near the centre of the four-way intersection, his motorcycle metres away on its side.

Over 30 cars and trucks slowed down and then carefully drove around the prone biker in a stream of traffic that continued for nearly two minutes before a driver stopped his vehicle and approached the body.

An ambulance crew later pronounced Yisraeli, 63, dead at the scene.

"It's hard for me to think that no one helped him. I prefer to believe that people were in shock and didn't understand what had happened," Yisraeli's daughter, Tali, told reporters.

And we think we've got it bad over here.

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