Meet The Mountain-Bike Motorcycle

Crazy students slap Motocross engine in pushbike frame bicycle

Posted: 27 November 2007
by Visordown News

The design concept

The mountain bike frame

The finished article

TWO FRIENDS working on their degrees in Industrial Design have used their love of mountain biking and motorcycles to come up with this oh-so-funky motorcycle design.

Called Project M85, the bike began life as a comparison between downhill mountain bikes and pukka crossers. The motor is a Kawasaki KX85 (so it's not going to be too powerful for free-riding) but components parts like the forks are taken directly from dirtbikes like the CR250 and bolted to a downhill mountain bike.

The geometry and styling are a cross between downhill mountain bikes and the current crop of dirtbikes though and the project looks amazing so far. To see all the more drawings, pictures of the prototype and the finished article in use go to:

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