Man jailed for stealing motorbike on test ride

Criminal with previous 402 convictions jailed for demonstrator GSX-R1000

Posted: 25 March 2010
by Visordown News

A CRIMINAL with 402 convictions has been handed down a year in prison after he admitted stealing a Suzuki GSX-R1000, while taking the 180bhp motorcycle for a test ride.

Londonderry Crown Court heard yestrday how Darren Raymond Lennox, was spotted by the police riding the stolen motorcycle 10 days after he'd absconded on it from Miller's Mortorcycle Shop in Ardstraw.

The dealership also gave Lennox a helmet and jacket for the test drive.

Lennox also admitted driving while disqualified, dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

Lennox was also bannedfrom driving for a further 10 years and fined him £500.

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Basically then, if he had done the normal thing and broken it for parts rather than ride around on it like a numpty he would have gotten away with it?

Posted: 25/03/2010 at 10:24

They gave him a jacket AND helmet as well? How obvious was this that he was not a rider? Did they also give him money for a full tank of fuel?

Posted: 26/03/2010 at 11:52

Like he will learn from this latest sentence... Its obvious he just doesnt care and feels he can get away with it

Posted: 30/03/2010 at 14:34

how is banning him going to stop him? he was riding without a license!!! fucking morons. 

fine him for the full value of the bike, and make the fucker work it off if he dont pay it.

tbh it shocks me that he was leant the bike when he had no license to start with. the bike shops a dimwit as well as the rider.  

Posted: 30/03/2010 at 17:29

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