Look out! It's Harry highside!

Is this Prince Harry getting tossed out of the saddle while on the back of Randy Mamola's two-seater GP bike?

Posted: 29 July 2009
by Visordown News

Randy Mamola with airborne passenger

THIS IS the the moment that former 500cc GP star Randy Mamola almost tossed Prince Harry off the rear perch of Ducati's two-seater Desmosedici at last weekend's British Grand Prix at Donington Park.

Harry had bravely accepted the offer to sample one of Mamola's notorious rides aboard Ducati's fearsome 240bhp brute. It's well-known that the former Grand Prix frontrunner doesn't hold back when taking passengers on the Desmo - even if they're royalty.

Onlookers said Mamola gave the MotoGP racer a big handful exiting turn one at Donington Park in slippery conditions. It's claimed the subsequent near-highside lofted Harry clean out of the Ducati's saddle.


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Hope Harry reads this, I bet his arse was going like a rabbits’ nose

Posted: 29/07/2009 at 13:42

Price Harry get tossed by randy Mamola. (Lower case 'r' intended

Posted: 22/08/2009 at 15:26

Talkback: Look out! It's Harry highside!

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