Long Way Down: McGregor threatened by militia gang

Star Wars actor allegedly crapping himself

Posted: 9 July 2007
by Tim Skilton

McGregor...not taking any shit, allegedly

EWAN MCGREGOR and his sidekick biker chum Charley Boorman have been threatened by a gang of rather nasty people armed with big guns while on their Long Way Down trip, sources say.

The Star Wars actor, 36, is going to the Democratic Republic of Congo to film mountain gorillas for a BBC2 documentary. Apparently, the gang took a dislike to the pair's Goretex outfits, saying the colours clashed with the scenery.

But Felix Mahoro, whose FDLR militia has been accused of atrocities including cannibalism, warned: "White men coming through our territory won't escape us."

When asked about the problem McGregor allegedly said: "Oh Christ, this is all I bloody need right now - some bugger wants me for dinner."

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