Johnny Knoxville's ball-busting stunt

Jackass star's backflip goes slightly, err, wrong

Posted: 15 February 2008
by Visordown News

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Every man's worst nightmare come true

OUCH. Ouch. Ouch! Here’s one to make you wince in only away a man can understand.

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville has been injured while filming a tribute to Evel Knievel for MTV. The special, under the over-seeing eye of freestyle God Travis Pastrana, is due to be aired around February 23 – and will most likely include the accident that left Knoxville bleeding heavily from his nads after trying a backflip on a motocross bike.

Here’s what Knoxville himself said: “Just got back from Oklahoma where I was shooting ‘Mat Hoffman’s tribute to Evel Knievel.’ Had a ball, too, even though I almost lost my own balls in the process. Don’t want to give too much away because the tribute airs Feb 23rd on MTV, but let’s just say before letting Travis Pastrana teach me how to do a backflip on a motorcycle I should have had him teach me to ride one first. Heh-heh… Bad for me, good for our viewing audience at home. Have to go now. Have to empty the p*** bag on my leg that I have to wear for the next two weeks until my torn urethra heals. Ouch, and see you on the 23rd. By the way, lots of great stuff in the Evel Knievel tribute besides my trip to the hospital—lots!”

What a star.

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Posted: 15/02/2008 at 14:25

Meh! Red paint.......

Posted: 15/02/2008 at 16:41


A young kid when I was growing up, jumped off the roof of one of our communal sheds one day, and onto an aluminium washing line pole, fireman stylee.....thing was y'see, halfway down the pole were two sticky out protruberances that you used to wind the washing line round......split his sack open like a watermelon, poor little fucker was left hanging there till the Ambulance came, nuts hooked on this bit of Ali, with his mates holding him up and pretty much the rest of the estates kids watching!!

Makes my nads crawl back up inside just thinking about it, there was claret EVERYWHERE, not something I want to see again really!!

Posted: 15/02/2008 at 16:49

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