Is this the new 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1?

We have a look at French mag - Motorevue's - take on Yamaha's flagship sportsbike

Posted: 29 July 2008
by Visordown News

Visordown Motorcycle News
Could next year's R1 look like this?

THEY'VE ALREADY put out what they think the 2009 ZX-6R is going to look like, now here's what the French are saying the next generation Yamaha R1 is going to appear as.

The French lads are saying that the bike is, apart from being smaller and faster, being considered for a 'big bang' style motor with more power allied with easier delivery. Oh, and they say it'll look like the MotoGP bike too.

Not so sure we like the picture as much as the ZX-6R though.

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2009, Yamaha YZF-R1

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I bloody hope it doesn't look like that, total rip off of the new Blade and that's butt ugly. It's the low slung exhaust that I hate, it looks terrible and it's the first thing to get bashed if you take a tumble. If the exhaust is under the seat it tends not to get mashed in a track off and therefore doesn't mess up a days racing. 

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 13:30

I hope the French have got it right with the Z6 and badly wrong with the R1. That would be the ugliest R1 ever, what a tragedy

I agree with Coalmine - those dog-dik exhausts look like a very expensive repair bill waiting to happen - but we are still waiting for the first right-side-slide in our group - may it never happen!

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 14:14

Thats horrible

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 16:17


Posted: 29/07/2008 at 16:35

To be honest its only the front end thats horrible IMO. the rest of it is pretty uch taken straight from the Moto GP M1 Yamaha. Sort the front end to be an evolution of the R6 front and we're lookin one of the best lookin bikes ever. Once again IMO!!!

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 16:55

I like it, all but the nose cone.

As long as theres an improvement ill be changing my 07 R1 for the new 09 R1 when it arrives 

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 17:54

I'll asked at local dealer last week if he had any information etc about the new R1, after seeing that I don't think I'll bother, my current one is less than a year old with 2.3k on the clock.

Why couldn't they have made it to resemble the current M1 race bike, with a similar exhaust to the M1, instead of the hideous Blade type.

This could be the first model of Yamaha 1000 I'll not have since the original Genesis of 1987.

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 18:41

This is the new R1

Posted: 29/07/2008 at 20:23

I likes that. Yes I agree it looks similar to the Blade but they've done a better job IMHO.

Those pillion pegs and no plate hangar would have to go though.

Saying that MCN pic last week is probably nearer.

Don't think I'll be buying one new anyhow. I'll wait until the used ones appear. It only takes a couple of months before some joker decides he/she must have it then changes his/her mind after they've run it in.

Posted: 30/07/2008 at 01:30

It looks unbalanced to me, like a bouncer with a big chest and arms and skinny lucky legs ...

or this ...

Posted: 30/07/2008 at 06:38

Yeah definately too much like the Blade. Hopefully it makes up for it in noise as the blade sounds awesome when you wring it's kneck. Have to wait and see when try a demo, might need to approach from the back so don't see the front. Or wear shades.

Posted: 31/07/2008 at 13:36

oh yeah nice fun bags by the way...

Posted: 31/07/2008 at 13:37

R1 loon wrote (see)

This is the new R1

Cant say I like that at all and I love the origial underseat can 04 R1..

The cans look like the ones of the MV Augusta

Posted: 31/07/2008 at 14:14

It might end up growing on you...... maybe........ maybe if you sort of squint it don't look so bad!

Posted: 31/07/2008 at 20:28

do you know anywhere i could get this kit??????



Posted: 16/07/2012 at 03:02

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