Hells Angels sue over domain name infringements

Club furious after gang-related domain names are sold on internet auction site

Posted: 19 February 2009
by Visordown News

NOTORIUS BIKER gang the Hells Angels are suing a Californian woman over cyberpiracy and trademark infringements.

According to a report in today's Guardian newspaper, the Angels are taking action against Fawn Myers, who they believe illegally registered more than 20 internet domain names associated with the club and then auctioned them on internet site eBay.

Reports say Myers registered domain names such as ha-mc.com and 81ca.com - both are known pseudonyms for the Hells Angels; the letter H is the eighth in the alphabet; the letter A the first.

The Hells Angels are asking for the domain names to be transferred to the club and any profits derived from the domain names, as well as $100,000 (£70,500) in damages for each domain name found to belong to the club.

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