Harley-Davidson set to cut 1,100 jobs

Over 12 per cent of Harley's worksforce to go in drastic money-saving action

Posted: 25 January 2009
by Visordown News

FOR OVER A YEAR Visordown has been reporting on Harley-Davidson's financial woes, so it comes as little surprise the company is to close plants and cut 1,100 jobs due to the global economic crisis.

The company are to cut production by up to 13% in 2009; Harley reduced production in 2008 in answer to the lack of worldwide sales. The job cuts represent about 12% of its total workforce.

The company is also to combine several of its production plants, as well as closing its parts and accessories distribution centre. Harley say they are planning to use other companies to distribute parts and accessories.

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This is just another story that proves this point:  Obama needs to get on the job and start making some thoughtful, effective changes and he needs to do it SOON!!!  This website has an immense amount of info regarding the economy and how to encourage the government to make changes that will help us rebuild our broken economy.  Definitely check it out!  It's http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/email/email4.cfm?id=196

Posted: 25/01/2009 at 22:04

I'm not American, but a couple of tips for him.

Get things moving in the next 3 months, because after that the Senate, Congress, House of Representatives, State Governors etc will block his every move.

Three months after that, he'll be on the re-election trail, based on the amount of shit we've had to put up with on the news for the past 3 years

That's if some Redneck Hick hasn't taken him out by then

Posted: 25/01/2009 at 22:07

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