Biker gangs still targeting London fashion shops

Ooh ducky - do you like my handbag?

Posted: 15 November 2007
by Tim Skilton

Look out for handbag-wielding bikers in your area

A GANG of style-conscious bikers have raided a number of up-market fashion boutiques.

Up to £3,000 of handbags were taken from the Ralph Lauren store in Bond Street and Press in Primrose Hill. Sources say the gang broke in using sledgehammers.

The motorcycling thieves have struck at least 35 times in the past six months and retailers are now mounting-their own security patrols. Police believe at least two gangs are at work, targeting the latest designer goods - staking out shops during the day and striking in the early hours. Some items are believed to be used to make copies for the black market.

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