Badger's Tails: What's going on at BIKE magazine?

Badger asks why top-selling bike magazine frontman is contemplating a move to the countryside

Posted: 21 May 2008
by The Badger

BADGER HAS been informed by a small, gnarly and somewhat unreliable mole that BIKE magazine's frontman, Steve Rose, is seriously considering jumping ship.

Insider sources say the editorial genius was allegedly spotted attending a job interview at Mortons Media, a small publishing set-up which churns out the much-respected monthly 'Motorcycle Port and Lemon'.

Yes folks, that's right - it's alleged the man in charge of best-selling publication BIKE is considering leaving the warm, cosy bosom of German-owned media corporation Bauer, with a view to sprinkling his magical media dust elsewhere.

Badger is gagging to know why such a highly regarded EMAP stalwart, like Steve, would contemplate leaving his adoring staff at BIKE for a small-time media group in the dazzling Lincolnshire location of Horncastle. Is there trouble at' Mill?

But as the saying goes - quit while you're ahead. And judging by the stunning quality of BIKE's recent redesign it's difficult to see how the mag could look any better.

Nice one, bald fella. Don't slam the door on the way out, will you?

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