All-new Kawasaki Versys 1000

TWO's got the scoop on Kawasaki's new Versys

Posted: 22 August 2007
by Visordown News

TWO magazine has uncovered a pic of the new 1000cc Versys.

TWO say: "Looks like an all-new 1000cc parallel twin engine in Kawasaki's answer to Triumph's 1050 Tiger. The brakes look a bit lacking but it should be a fantastic tourer, but will pillions like the Z750-style seat unit."

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Posted: 22/08/2007 at 13:20

Cool, a red and black Multistrada

Posted: 22/08/2007 at 17:36

Is this Kwaka's version of a mega tard? looks kind of cobbled together and the front looks too spindly.

Posted: 22/08/2007 at 19:02

Does this men they will be releasing an ER 10 as well ? Now that could be something !

Posted: 24/08/2007 at 07:09

If this is even near as good as the 650 Versys I just bought and at the right price, put my name down. I have just come back into biking after a two year absence due to being smashed off by a car. Due to a knackered back, i wanted something responsive, comfortable and able to survive a British winter. The Versys hits the spot. Look forward to seeing the 1000 cc version in the flesh..


Posted: 09/10/2007 at 20:31

is yhis confirmed? can anyone say for sure that kawasaki really has this in production? when ? 2010?

Posted: 24/04/2009 at 22:34

Look very un-offical to me. More like someone not particularly accomplished with photo shop has heard a rumour and has had a go at what it could look like. If you look at the pic the wheels are Z1000 as is the rear pipe with a badly added bit of metal joining the 2 pipes. The front pipe is Versys 600 as is from the looks of things the engine. The handle bars forks and tank are Z1000 albeit someone has again badly increased the size of the tank to run into the faring and the rear body work is Z750. In all it looks like I've done it Look at the angle of the rear seat unit its even in line with the rest of the bike.

If kwak make a 1000c Versys then cool, but this is not a pic of it.

Posted: 30/04/2009 at 13:06

i like the ninja 250-derived headlight, very sporty!!

Posted: 11/09/2009 at 04:22

This picture is 2 years old ?  Photo shop for sure.

Posted: 13/10/2009 at 03:00

photo shop for sure guys, the brakes are a dead giveaway

Posted: 20/10/2009 at 14:59

its got a Z back end and can and its got a honda DN01 front end. its lost the best part about it! the funky headlight! everyone knew you were gunna be taken by a tall cheap tourer when this came steaming up behind you cos of the light! however a 1000cc version, slightly bigger, slightly beefyer would be amazing!


Posted: 23/02/2010 at 18:08

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