A Harley-Davidson for 2020?

Hubless wheels, futuristic styling - take a look at this...

Posted: 8 January 2010
by Visordown News

HARLEY-DAVIDSON had better get their skates on, as this is what CGI design ace Miguel Cotto thinks the company's motorcycles will look like in 2020.

Complete with Tron-like styling, hubless wheels and, by the looks of it, an air-cooled engine, the bike's a far cry from the machines we expect from the Milwaukee-based giant.

It's all rather (s)wanky (read as you see fit) but we're not convinced a company that still make motorcycles with all the technological prowess of a steam train are likely to be knocking out this in 10 years time.

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Harley, concept

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What an ugly abomanation ! looks more like a yuppy designed kitchen tool like a device for removing the seal on a wine bottle.

Posted: 09/01/2010 at 06:27

Hmm let me think, they have looked the same for about about half a century - can't see them changing now, especially not for that piece of wank

Posted: 09/01/2010 at 13:20

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