368 motorcyclists fined over wheelies

It seems the UK's not the only place that wheelies are frowned upon

Posted: 6 May 2008
by Visordown News

TRAFFIC COPS in Pakistan's Capital City, Islamabad, are clamping down hard on the ever-increasing sport of wheelies.

Yes, that's right, local traffic police have handed out over 368 fines to motorcyclists for their involvement in that pastime we all know and love (well most of us) - mono-wheeling.

In a report submitted to Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Zubair Hashmi on Sunday by Special Squads. The report said that three motorcyclists were also arrested and presented before the courts and states that Islamabad's cops have also impounded 78 motorcycles. Hashmi said:

“Such steps by the ITP have the only purpose to ensure safe road environment for the citizens of Islamabad.”

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