2013 Honda CB and CBR500R prices announced

Sub-£5k prices for 500cc trio

Posted: 27 November 2012
by Visordown News
(Five) grand fun

HONDA announced prices for its 2013 models at Motorcycle Live, at the NEC in Birmingham.

The company's packed stands reflected high public interest in its new A2-licence-friendly 500cc models, which have been keenly priced to bring in as many new riders into the Honda fold as possible.

The naked CB500F is a bargain £4,650, while the CB500X and CBR500R are both £4,950 - which is £249 cheaper than Kawasaki's Ninja 300 ABS! 

With no other street motorcycles offered by any manufacturer in the 500cc class at the moment, the CBR500R's only worthy rival, in terms of value-for-money, would be Suzuki's long-running SV650S Street (£4,975) - which is however non-A2-compliant. Or you can have Honda's own A2-compliant NC700S for £5,450…

Meanwhile, the 2013 CBR600RR has a price tag of £9,500, while a shiny new CB1100 retro is yours for £8,950. The sporty NS300 Forza scooter has not been priced yet, but £5,000-5,500 is likely, given the yawning gap between the SH300i (£4,700) and the Silver Wing (£6,600). 

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How about a hyperlink to the models mentioned so we can see the reviews?

Posted: 27/11/2012 at 15:12

Now, that is interesting pricing. Kawasaki might as well not bother importing the Ninja 300 now, since to ride it new riders will have to pass a test on (de facto) something like the CB500 or bigger.

Having done that, why would they pay more to take a step back to a smaller, less powerful bike?

That's all assuming that anyone bothers getting an A2 license, rather than riding 125s until they hit 24 and going straight to A.

I'd be interested to see its claimed fuel economy though. If you're doing a lot of miles, the NC700 (also A2 friendly) might pay for its extra purchase price fairly quickly.

Posted: 28/11/2012 at 09:13

The statistics suggest VERY few people now are coming into biking courtesy of the new imporved test and restricted riding provisions so I don't suppose it matters too much what's on offer.

But given a choice between an old CB500 in decent condition and one of these (with the caveat you had to ride it not sell it straight on) sorry Honda but I doubt many folk here would choose your latest confection.

Posted: 26/02/2013 at 19:28

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