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Kawasaki Z1000SX (2011 - 2013)

Posted: 03 March 2014
Overall: 2013 model owned for ten months with 5000 miles. What a bike, great acceleration, more than enough top end, and pulls way down low in any gear.

With it's performance I get an average of 47mpg - yes I know that other MCs will beat this, but as part of the overal package its good.

Great for touring and scratching, it does everything that I want in a MC.

Pirelli Angel GT

Posted: 01 March 2014
Overall: A really good tyre on my Z1000SX that I'm looking forward to using more when it gets dry and warm!

They look good as well.

Shoei Qwest

Posted: 14 November 2012
Overall: Bought as a replacement for a 6 month old Scorpion helmet. The fitting options were superb with different shell sizes and different cheek pad sizes. This meant that the helmet could be tailored to give a very good fit - for me by going to a small shell size with thinner cheek pads. The dealer support (Infinity) here was very good.

The visor operating and removal system is better than the Scorpions and also has a locking system that doubles as a small opening device as well. This combined with the front and back air-vents provides good options for ventilation.

The visor has a pinlock system and this makes a huge difference with lack of fogging. Though my glasses can still mist up (below 30ish), a quick opening of the chin vent cures this.

After over a year with the helmet I remain very happy with it and comfort has further improved.