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Kawasaki GPz900 R

Posted: 30 April 2012
Overall: First released in 1984 the GPz900r was the first super sports bike which modern day bikes copy. The 1991 version the A8 was the last European version released officially, and continued to sell until 1996. However the GPz900r continued production in Japan until the A16 in 2003.
I bought my GPz A8 new back in 1996 and travelled about Britain and Europe on it. I found it to have personality and a natural raw power that seemed missing on the VFR800 VTEC I bought in 2003. Looks might seem a bit dated now, but then it is a 30 year old design in an age when owners didn’t want to have ugly water cooled engines hidden by fairings.
Home DIY maintenance is still possible as there is no super gimmicky parts on the bike needing an expert mechanic to look maintain.
Overall I don’t believe anyone would be upset by its performance even by today’s standards. In my opinion it has always been highly under rated by reviewers.