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Michelin Pilot Activ

Posted: 01 March 2014
Overall: I was looking for a new set of tyres for my GPZ500, and figured there must be something better than the BT45's I was using as a courier more than 10 years ago. Tyre technology has moved on massively in sports tyres over that period, for example.

A bit of research with fellow riders narrowed the choices to either the Michelin Activ or Avon Roadriders - nobody else has addressed the problem. As I ride all year round, opinion seemed to be swaying towards the Activ's for their wet performance, so I took a gamble.

The tyres cost me a third of what the bike did, but straight away I was impressed with the levels of grip available. A few miles of scrubbing them in and I was already scraping the pegs with full confidence.

After a few days I had to brake very heavily on a wet road, and whilst expecting the front to tuck at any second, the Activ's took it all in their stride, and never felt like doing anything unexpected.

The only fault I can find is that the rear has squared off after 5000 miles - although I use them for a city centre commute which is pretty much upright, traffic light GP stuff. Even now, after 6000 miles it still leans over without feeling like it's squared off. I'd say there is at least another 2-3000 miles left in the rear, and loads more on the front.

I shall be happily buying another set to replace them.

Pirelli Angel ST

Posted: 01 March 2014
Overall: I've used these on a ZX9R for year-round hard riding on the, and they've been flawless. Grip from cold is the best I've had from any tyre (I have a video of 'Kneedown On Cold Tyres' to prove it), and I've also used them for track days where they were solid all day and never a cause for any concern.

Modern tyre technology is absolutely brilliant! Even more so, these tyres give around 9000 miles for a rear compared to previous Dunlop D208's etc which gave more like 3000 miles.

I trust them fully - and that says a lot about a tyre. Wet or dry, cold or hot.

They're not great on the snow - and that's the only 'bad' thing I can say about them! I'm on about my 5th set, now!

Kawasaki ZX-9R (1994 - 1997)

Posted: 08 February 2008
Overall: A bargain buy!

Most people went for a Fireblade over the ZX9R, and bully for them!

If you can live with the weight being a touch over 200kg then you'll be very pleased to discover that these are a hell of a lot of fun!

It will happily cruise all day on the motorway at stupid speeds, and then be equally at home as you head off down some B-roads towards a trackday.

Dare I say that this is a 'sensible' everyday superbike?

Kawasaki ZXR400

Posted: 08 February 2008
Overall: I put over 50,000 miles on mine and didn't regret any of them!

It's one of those bikes where almost every single person who's ever owned one has regretted selling it!

It's probably the ultimate sportsbike for the road, because you can use pretty much all of it's potential without getting into too much trouble - especially if you get the 444cc re-bore which makes the bike much more useable below the 9,000rpm powerband.

Ideally though, you'll be wanting one of these as a second bike - something for weekends and trackdays, but something a little more toned-down and sensible for your everyday steed.

One thing is for sure - every time you go for a blast on a ZXR400 you will return with a huge grin on your face!

Ignore your friends who head straight for the 600's, and buy one of these if you want to actually learn how to RIDE a bike. You won't regret it!

Honda VFR750 RC36 (1990 - 1997)

Posted: 07 February 2008
Overall: People forget that the VFR750 was a sportsbike when it first came out, and it can be ridden very hard and surprise a lot of people!

I bought all of mine because I need a bike that I can ride every day, all year round and put extremely high mileage on without having to worry about it spending half it's life in the workshop. None of my bikes owe me a single penny, as they have exceeded every expectation as far as this is concerned!

But the best thing is that on top of that, they CAN be ridden quickly and are a hell of a lot of fun! I'm a fast rider who's owned ZXR400's, RGV250's and ZX9-R's, but was still happy with the performance of the VFR!

And the glorious sound of a V4 (especially through a Scorpion race can) is something that's not only rare but unforgettable.

It may not be the fastest bike in world, it may not be the most comfortable, and by some miracle it may not even be the most reliable bike ever made - but if you want a combination of all three, no other bike ever made will come close.