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Hein Gericke Journey II GTX Performance Shell Pants

Posted: 18 May 2013
Overall: Highly rated, top quality and would buy again.

Hein Gericke Journey GTX Performance Shell Jacket

Posted: 18 May 2013
Overall: I'd buy another. I ride all year round, commuting and touring. The jacket fits me well and has CE armour in all the right places. It hasn't once let rain in, and kept me warm on a 250 mile, 4am departure to Northumberland at minus 6 degrees C the whole way. The only issue is the thread on the left thumb loop, it this doesn't effect it's safety or performance.

BMW System 6

Posted: 27 August 2012
Overall: Highly recommended lid, gives better performance than I expected. I don't need to dip my head to check my mirrors, and it's opened up my peripheral vision more, which can only make it safer.

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

Posted: 17 July 2012
Overall: I had one of these for nearly 4 years and put a fair few miles on it. It didn't once let me down, and proved to be as quick in the real world as many on their sports 600s. So comfortable it made a great tourer, only hampered by poor tank range. It did everything competently, but could have benefitted from more expensive components - adjustable forks would have been nice. I put BT-020s on it and it handled brilliant in all weathers. The original dual-purpose tires were rubbish - slightest bit of grease and they'd slide and destroy my confidence.
The heated grips and hand guards meant I wore summer gloves all year round, only feeling the cold in the tips of my fingers on the very coldest of days (minus 8 was my worst).
I loved this bike, and even started to like the way it looked. My only wishes would have been for shaft drive and better economy.

BMW F800ST (2006 - 2012)

Posted: 17 July 2012
Overall: I would recommend this bike to just about anyone. A bit short if you're tall, but I think it would make an excellent first 'big' bike post test. I'm going to try and convince the girlfriend she should ride and I'd love to see her on one of these.