Video: Blade does 2nd to 6th gear in 9 seconds

Time for some base runs...

Posted: 20 May 2011
by mark forsyth

Before we do anything to the Fireblade's mapping it needs some base runs.

This video is the all gear (except first because it'd just spin its wheel on the dyno's drum) acceleration test. Full throttle, to the red-line in every gear until it maxxes out in sixth.

It's not normally the position I'm in when the Blade's been given the berries. From the rider's standpoint you can hardly hear any of the induction noise when the taps are open. Stood here, at the front, the airbox's snouts under the headlights really make quite a bit of a bark.

Stock figures? A 163.2bhp peak at 12,000rpm and 79.83ft-lbs of torque at 10,000rpm. Fuelling? Put simply it's running lean at the bottom and really rich at the top.

Now to use the Power Commander software to adjust the air/fuel ratios...

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