Press Launches - the ugly truth. Part 1

Glamour? The jet set? Er, no.

Posted: 31 March 2011
by mark forsyth
Geoff - he's smiling because he's just won a competition to join the launch via his local Honda dealer. Top feller. Rubbish knee, though
Ten to five. Am. A black hour.
Chris. The Superbike rep'. Unusually cheerful for such an early hour but he is young
The clue's in the T-shirt. Surely too early to be skinning up, though?
Essential in-flight reading
The high life. Easyjet syle
The unacceptable face of Bike Magazine - Mr Simon Hargreaves with his 'doing the Times Crossword' face
Made it all the way to Majorca
Boundless joy in swetay, cramped minibus from airport to hotel. And yes, that's MCN's Phil West (not actual size)
The Internationally acclaimed Telegraph reporter Kevin Ash in near side-profile. Think he spotted me trying to snap his nose
Hotel had very posh water feature (for all you keen gardeners out there)

For the nosey amongst you, you might be interested to know what goes on during a 'press launch'. The phrase is used in passing in new model reports as if you should all know what it is. Like some kind of given. An assumption. 

New bikes tend to be launched to the press (often a two week-long event catering for every country under the sun) in hot, sunny climes. This happens because you need good weather to really enjoy a bike and pictures usually look better with a bit of sunshine.

The Honda Crossrunner was launched in Majorca today. I took some snaps on my camera phone from beginning to end. It probably pissed everyone else off but I thought it was an easy way to explain what happens on these events.

As events go, this was a pretty good one. Surprisingly good bike, amazing scenery, cool hotel (except the internet connection), good company and stonking roads.

Weirdly, today everyone has started falling down with a really bad vomiting bug. Out of a party of twelve, only six were fit enough to eat dinner tonight. It's yet to hit me but the amount of gloating I've been doing I fully expect it to be really spectacular when it does...

Back with more pics later...

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