How to fire a handgun at speed

Whilst standing on the seat

Posted: 4 August 2011
by mark forsyth

This feller is obviously a bit of a local hero, without doubt, notorious.

His routine is priceless. Randomly shooting at nothing in particular, whistling and busting daring feats of balance, skill and bravery.

Thanks to Jeff at FTWCO for the spot... 

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He's been watching too many Jean-Claude Van Damme films. I would suggest that his favourite is Hard Target.

Posted: 04/08/2011 at 17:19

wheres a land mine when you need one

Posted: 05/08/2011 at 16:28

lol rk

Posted: 05/08/2011 at 17:48

no helmet.. tut tut.. sorry he is one big helmet.. so no problem.

Posted: 07/08/2011 at 16:40

what a f***ing idiot. but isn't that obvious?

callous disregard for where the projectiles will land, but then again that's why several thousand people in those countries die every year -- what goes up must come down.

every time someone has a big birthday party or wedding, the neighbors stay indoors.

Posted: 08/08/2011 at 15:34

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