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Posted: 15 June 2011
by mark forsyth
Boris Johnson would approve...

I get all the best jobs, me.

We're here in Barcelona to ride Honda's new 18.5mph EV-neo all-electric scooter. It's a bit of a weird event in that it's not on sale yet, it may never come to the UK and there's no mention of predicted pricing. Us assembled hacks (from all over Europe) are here as part of the market research. Not only do Honda want to know what we think (as odd as that may seem) but - perhaps most importantly - they want to know what you think. Are you ready for fully electric scooters? Do you care enough about the environment to accept this power source? Is it our duty as motorcyclists to become early adopters of CO2-free scootering?

What do we know before we get a fifteen minute test ride? Barcelona City council will take delivery of eighteen EV-neos in January 2012 as part of Honda's ongoing R+D. Barcelona's city traffic comprises of a massive 30% of two-wheelers so it seemed like the logical place to trial this battery-powered commuter. The weather helps...

The EV-neo'll do a maximum of 34kms on a single charge which can take either half an hour or three and a half hours to charge depending on which charger you buy/use. Obviously they could have built more range into it with bigger batteries but the Large Project Leader, Mr Honda San, argues that this would have compromised the scooter's practicality in terms of weight, bulk and storage. Hydrogen fuel cells were discounted because they just aren't small enough yet.

Back in an hour or two with some whisper-quiet video...

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I was very interested in this until I read 18.5mph... What use is this??

I ride a sports tourer, but was interested in an electric scooter as a commuter (their range prey much limits them to this our nipping to the shops, which is fair enough)... I went to test ride one (epeds sport), and the build quality was fairly shocking, though not much to go wrong, but the speed just let it down... They need to do 30 mph in all conditions (even uphill against the wind) and it just wouldn't... I was over taken by a can towering a trailer up a hill (that genuinely happened) in a 30 mph zone, and they weren't speeding... I was more aggravated that they advertise it as 40mph... In the real works it was 25 at best unless you're going downhill

I don't want to put thousands into this as it's meant to be a money saver, but tyre cheaper options just aren't fast enough yet... I have money waiting for when a suitable one comes up!

Posted: 15/06/2011 at 17:58

18.5 mph, to put it bluntly that can eat a bag of dicks. I'd be run down by the nearest large van or lorry on the first day of ownership at that speed...

Posted: 17/06/2011 at 07:59

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