Crazy TT vantage points: part two

Gorse Lea - flat out on a 600

Posted: 18 May 2011
by mark forsyth

On a 600 Supersport bike, top TT riders are using full throttle for more than 70% of a lap and Gorse Lea, a fearsome right hander just before the riders turn right at Ballacraine traffic lights, is a great example of the commitment you need to do this.

The apex speed is probably close to 150mph with just a hedge and telegraph poles (with bales strapped to them, of course) as your run off room on the slightly downhill exit. 

It's corners like Gorse Lea where the top riders really earn their money and as this amateur footage brilliantly shows - the spectators who are willing to climb a few fences and walk a few yards can get within just a few feet of the action. 


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