Learning to ride a motorcycle: Choosing the right bike

Whether you're after a sports bike, commuter, naked, adventure or scoooter. Find out the best first bike to buy...

Posted: 1 July 2013
by Ben Cope

What Bike?

Once you’ve passed your test, you’ll need to consider what sort of bike will suit your needs, if you haven’t jumped the gun and bought one already.

Article originally posted July 2011, updated July 2013

If you can afford the initial outlay and insurance premium, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a top-of-the range 1000cc sportsbike - many have as their first bike – including me. But we’d strongly recommend steering clear of high-performance machines and instead focus on improving your riding skills on a machine that’s a little more forgiving.

Your instructor or local dealer will be able to give you best advice as to which sort of bike suits your style, requirements and even mentality. If you’re a speed junkie with nine points on your licence do you really think a top flight sportsbike is a good idea?

So before your tear down to your local motorcycle dealers, itching to part company with a wad of hard-earned cash, get onto Visordown’s forums and ask what kind of bike others have bought for their first machine. There’s a wealth of knowledge an experience lurking within the forums; so tap into it and start asking.

Visordown's top five first bikes

We’ve chosen five machines we’d suggest are worth consideration for your first big bike. All are a few years old and can be found readily on the secondhand market. There’s a commuter, a sportsbike, a tourer, a trailie and a scooter – so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

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