How do I SORN my motorcycle?

What is a SORN and when do I need to make one?

Posted: 23 January 2014
by Visordown

What is a SORN?

A SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) is made when you don't wish to renew your tax disc and your vehicle is being kept off the public road. A SORN is valid until your vehicle is taxed, sold or scrapped. Your vehicle must be in and remain in Great Britain to make a SORN.

How can I make a SORN?

You can make a SORN online if you are the registered keeper of the motorcycle or scooter. You will need to know your registration number and the reference number on your V5C, or the V11 reminder reference number. You must apply by post if you're recently registered as the keeper or not yet registered.

Does it cost to SORN?

No, declaring a SORN is free of charge.

Can I be fined if I don't make a SORN when my tax runs out?

Yes. If you don't make a SORN when you have to, you'll automatically be fined £80. You will also need to get a new tax disc and must pay any tax arrears. You could also get a County Court Judgemenet against you, be fined a minimum of £1,000 and be liable to prosecution.

Can I tax my motorcycle again after it's SORN?

Yes. You'll need to apply for a tax disc which you can do online or at the Post Office. Find motorcycle VED rates here.

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Couple of points:

#1 Until you've been to court, it's not a "fine", it's a "penalty charge", which you should treat as any other speculative invoice.

#2 According to the statute, SORN is something that you do when a vehicle license (tax disc) expires or is surrendered. However, DVLA are happy to record a vehicle as SORN when it still has a license running, and SORNing does not cancel that license, because the license *is* the physical disc. This is incorrect in my view, but not in theirs, and as we know, DVLA never make mistakes.

When you want to use the vehicle on the road again, if it still has a valid unsurrendered vehicle license (tax disc) on it, then you can - but are not required to - tell the DVLA and they'll remove the SORN flag on their little database. Maybe. Good luck.

Either way, there is no offence of driving a SORNed vehicle, so feel free to do so, as long as it's insured and is displaying a valid vehicle license.

This may change when we get rid of the physical tax disc, but that's how it stands today.

Posted: 25/01/2014 at 07:44

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