Welcome to the Kit Reviews section. Here you can log your opinions of your gear to help people find the perfect riding gear. You will find a variety of categories so you can review the products you have worn, from helmets to leathers, gloves, back protectors and everything in between. You can also view other rider's thoughts, likes and dislikes on a host of other products, including the motorcycle luggage and GPS, cleaning products and locks.

Reviews by type

247 reviews
Back Protectors
23 reviews
Leather Jackets
62 reviews
Textile Jackets
29 reviews
Textile Trousers
54 reviews
1pc Suits
63 reviews
2pc Suits
43 reviews
Armoured Jeans
32 reviews
51 reviews
28 reviews
29 reviews
15 reviews
24 reviews
8 reviews
Cleaning Kit
64 reviews
Chain Lube
19 reviews
Locks & Chains
47 reviews
9 reviews
Leather Trousers
81 reviews
Bike Covers
23 reviews
Battery Chargers
12 reviews
Chain Oilers
7 reviews
Pressure Washers
12 reviews
Paddock Stands
15 reviews
Headlight bulbs
26 reviews

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