How to photograph like a pro

Under the guidance of a professional snapper learn the dark art of taking a really good picture...

Posted: 3 January 2012
by Visordown

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Want to know how to take a magazine-quality picture of your mate or yourself looking good on a bike rather than a shambling, blurry mess?

According to Oli Tennent, who takes loads of the photographs that appear in motorcycle magazines, modern digital cameras are more than up to the job of taking decent pictures, “Taking a good photo is 80% the person behind the camera, 20% the actual kit.”

Here is a breakdown of five types of common shots. One fast cornering, one kneedown, one fast panning, a static picture and a wheelie. The kind of pictures that you see in magazines and on this website all the time would be great to show off to your mates with.

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Nice tips although I need to stop using my android phone and buy a camera with shutter speed adjustment.

Posted: 03/01/2012 at 14:23

Say what?

"Wheelies go fast very quickly, making them difficult to shoot. For a higher success rate, front three-quarters is much easier to get sharp for the less experienced snapper"

Posted: 10/01/2012 at 13:34

Alot is to do with practice and location. Manual settings and pre focusing tend to produce better images. If shooting at a circuit, have a good walk round and make use of the set up and practice days.a teleconverter is also useful and a less expensive way of increasing the focal length of your existing lenses. I picked up a Kenko converter for around £100 and the results have been really good, as long as your shooting in reasonale light levels.

Posted: 12/01/2012 at 18:03

Careful just using a popup flash on a camera. This creates a very direct light from the camera and produces some crappy flat results.

Professional photographers use very large light sources and softboxes to the camera left and right.

The sun is the best form of light for a large amount of light.

Posted: 10/10/2012 at 14:22

find some of my photos look grainey i take the bike photos using TV uasly 400 shutter speed ?

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 18:57

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