Gain the mental edge

Forget tuning your bike, tune your mind and you'll have your mates beaten for free. Read on and find out how

Posted: 29 November 2010
by Visordown

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Riding a motorcycle is not rocket science. Once you've mastered the clutch, throttle, gears and brakes there's only one thing holding you back from being the next Valentino Rossi - your head, at least according to Mind Racing's Ashley Cole, who's sorted the minds of many top racers. "Everything we do has its motivation in an emotion," says Ashley, "and that emotion determines when we'll stop or continue doing it.

The emotion of fear determines when your mind tells you that something is no longer acceptable: 'I will not continue accelerating into the corner', 'I will not stay off the brakes any longer'. And your fear threshold is very different to Rossi's, that's all it is."

How much fear you have depends on your beliefs and state of mind, and to beat your mate all you need to do is out-psych him. Here's a list of things to do to improve your state of mind while messing up his - a necessary evil to establish your greatness.

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