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VIDEO FUNNY: Pizza delivery boy gets it wrong
Fast food - but with a difference

18 March 2009 at 16:51

VIDEO: Travis Pastrana trike backflip
See the man himself flip a kid's pedal trike over a massive jump - mental!

06 February 2009 at 08:43

VIDEO: Captain America to the rescue!
There's nothing like a bit of 1970s American TV to brighten up your Friday

30 January 2009 at 09:57

VIDEO: How to wheelie a Vespa
Italian stunt ace Nicola Dutto shows us how it's done!

11 December 2008 at 13:40

Jackass video: The Midget Backflip
Travis Pastrana performs the first backflip, complete with tiny pillion

20 May 2008 at 15:29

Video: Burnout wannabe trashes Dad's bike and car
An amusing clip of a stunt gone wrong featuring a rather daft young lad on his father's Honda

25 March 2008 at 10:01

Video: Pastrana's half-naked, no chute skydive
It's official - Travis has the biggest balls in history

11 March 2008 at 08:28

Knoxville's ball-busting Knievel video
Jackass star gets hit where it hurts

21 February 2008 at 09:25

Build your own Wall of Death video
All it takes is some pallets, plywood and crazy imagination

14 December 2007 at 20:05

Video funny - How not to do a MotoGP start
Dani Pedrosa makes a complete tit of himself

19 November 2007 at 11:07

Car park stunter gets it wrong video
Don't try this at home!

15 November 2007 at 23:59

Drag racing mishap video
Rider flunks start on first ever attempt

23 October 2007 at 15:36

There are 12 articles

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