Would you buy a new wheel...

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Would you buy a new wheel...

if you had to replace your bent one?

I ask because I have a bent rim to replace, do I buy a second hand one? Or buy new one?

Reason I ask, is that some mates of mine say buy new, since you then know the history, i.e. no weaknesses and no risky thread like cracks.

While a couple of others say to go for it, depends how the donor bike has been broken, i.e. high speed bin, or frame ding which writes the bike off?

If a 2nd hand wheel lets go on you you may regret not paying the extra for a new one.......We only have 2 contact points with the road and I would not compromise either of them.Would you fit 2nd hand tyres?

very good point, I was thinking on those lines...You may be right, and welcome to the mad house...

a wheel repair specialist rather than a replacement wheel, you'd be suprised what they can repair! As long as it's properly annealed then it should be fine. Maxtons used to do this a few years ago, dunno it they still do though.

Why not? What do you get when you buy a seconf hand bike? Why, of course, second hand wheels...If you buy them privately, ask the seller why. They might be foolish enough to have fitted a fancy lightweight pair, and then be selling the original wheels (but don't tell them that...)If the bike is being broken, asses the damage for yourself...Frontal damage? Front wheel is a no-no...Ring round places like Harris Performance and such - they might have a spare one knocking about

Second hand wheels........why not. As has been said before just get it checked out, theres alot of wheel specialists out there who can give it a once over, a friend of mine took a wheel with a dinked rim to Hagon and they sorted it out for a resonable sum.....considering the cost of new wheels. If cost is not a problem then go for new....but I know that theres alot of people out there who cannot afford that option..so to the breakers it is, or autojumbles, just be careful.

Have you spoken to hagons, they can repair most cast wheels.www.hagon-shocks.co.ukKFz


Thanks Guys,Given me food for thought, I know my rim(ooooeeerrr) is dinged for about 4-6 inches, and *may* be bent. If it is I may/may not get it repaired, I'll approach the specialists and also the guys you recommend, if more than 50% say 'new' I will.Sod the cash I want to be safe!!

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