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Touch Up Paint

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Touch Up Paint

I took my bike around north wales a few weeks ago and took a bend to fast that sent me flying. I am ok apart from a few cuts and bruises luckily I wasn't travelling to fast. However I now have some big scrap marks on the petrol tank side and front fairing area from hitting the tarmac. I am looking to repair the bike myself has anyone used this touch up paint before? It looks like they specialise in motorcycle shades and can custom match the paint

Touch up paint is for very small chips, you'll never get a good finish on scrapes, and In all likelihood have to spray whole panel/tank then clearcoat to make it half decent. My experience is that the only way to make it good is get a professional to paint it. You can do the preparation yourself then he can do the topcoats.

Thanks Oldboy54 for your advice mate

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