My First Gilera Cougar 125

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My First Gilera Cougar 125

I've read loads of the posts from here and thought I'd join and share my adventures of biking. I passed my CBT last jan and rode a Yamaha SR125 since. I just sold it to a dealer as it was on it's last legs, enging knocking e.t.c so I just bought my second bike on saturday for £800. It's my Gilera Couguar, purchased in Birmingham and rode all the way to Loughborough in Leicestershire. My god, I've never had such a hard journey
I am still on 'L's so motorways are a big no no, but due to Birminghams friendly roads, I ended up on the M6 after an hour of trying to find a way out of the city. That was the first time I've ever been on a motorway and it isn't too bad, just a bit worrying that i'd get a right smack from the police if they saw me, but didn't. Nearly crashed it coming off the first junction on a major right turn - turned too wide and skidded everywhere to gain control at 50mph but lived to tell the tale! I'd never ridden anything other than a CG125 or an SR125 and there's a HUGE difference between those two and a Cougar 125. It took hours to find my way back even with the help of maps and petrol stations.

The dealer sold it to me with a years MOT and only 4400 miles on the clock. It looks near new and certainly seems to ride clean. The only thing that really baffled me was the lovely sound, almost like crockery being jumped about coming from the left side of the bike throughout most of the ride. What was it? Well, I found out when I got into Loughborough (and lucky this happened less than a mile from my destination). The noise suddenly stopped as I approached a roundabout and went to slow down. I eased on the front brake and the rear, only the find the front brake lever eased ALL the way back to the handle and wasn't responding, at the same time as a black nissan sunny cutting me up. I clamped down on the rear brake harder until I stopped, and pulled over just before the roundabout. The entire front calliper was dangling from it's cable and walloping the wheel . Wasn't that wonderful! I could have died if it were on the motorway! Luckilly that's fixed up now and no more crockery noise and dodgy break. had to split the pads apart and bolt it back on with no damage. A lesson to anyone buying a new bike - even if it has an MOT = CHECK IT OVER... AND AGAIN... AND AGAIN..... Then ask all your mates to check it over, then just to be sure, check it over!!! It's too risky otherwise. I'll never buy a bike without checking it over a million times.

Wise words, I always do brakes, tyres oil and filter on everthing I buy, regardless of previous owner, MOT or not.

Too add salt to the wound - up on further inspection of my newly puchased vehicle; tax disc + holder left the bike on the way home due to vibration.And the chain guard is cracked and broken at the base of the rear bolt so it will just have to be removed. The bike requires fork seals as it seems to be leaving a small trail of oil up the bars & the headlamp is just bright enough to be legal. Oh well...

Still, on the bright side it's not developed any of the Coguar's near-legendary electrical problems yet I nealrly bought one when I was doing my CBT but I cunningly bought an absolute shitter of a Virago 125 instead... Oh well.

How long does it take for the DVLA to send back the V5? I still haven't got it back from the 23rd. I need it as my tax disc actually flew off on the way back from Birmingham and I failed to realise (going out on a limb and believing he actually DID tax it before the sale). GRrr, I hope I don't get pulled over without the disc...

I seem to be having a really strange problem. My battery died (this is the third time this has happened), possibly due to a faulty alternator. So I charged my battery off the mains. However, when I fit the battery back into by bike, there was no response. No lights either. Then, after a little fiddling, I've found that my bike will start only if the battery is connected, but not actually re-fitted into my bike. I assume that this is due to a trapped wire when I put the battery back in, but I can't figure it out. I even tried running it without fully fitting the battery back in, just to test it, but as the battery is where it's meant to be, the bike refuses to start. Any solutions?

hey ive got a gilera coguar 125 and im having trouble with it! the throttle cable has two separate cables, one goes into the top of the carb and the other has come out of wherever it is suppose to be! could someone tell me where its suppose to go?

In response to benjiii, I also have a gilera coguar and my throttle cable is only a single. The only time I've seen two cables (actually it's one from the throttle twist grip which splits into two just before the carb) is on a two stroke. For example, a friend of mine has a kawasaki kmx and his throttle cable goes from one cable to two cables just before the carb. One goes into the carb (the usual throttle cable) and the other is attached to the two stroke oil pump. The only thing that I can think of in your case is that the cable has been changed at some time and the wrong cable has been fitted to your bike and because the gilera coguar is a four stroke motor, it does not need the other cable which is usually attached to the two stroke pump so it's been left hanging. I hope this is of some help to you.

hi all,i have a gilera cougar 125cc  2002 model.i like the but the bushings in the top yoke that keer the handlebars from moving are shot.does any one know where or who make aftermarket bushings for this problem.i am in belgium so i thought they would be easy to get from italy but no they stopped making them 3 years ago.any help would be great.

hi i have just bought myself a gilera cougar 125cc and i have not to an ignition does anyone have any idea where i could buy one as ive looked everywhere online and cant find anything or if anyone know which wires to put together to get her started would be great aswell thanks

Sounds suspiciously like you've nicked it and want us to help you get it running...

all gilera cougars have only one throttle cable fitted as standard.. more like you bought a 2 stroke cable for say rc125 or 2 stroke dna ect..... ive got a problem with a cougar it looses the spark when left over night.. once running will start all day.. anyone ever had a prob like this... Damo @ 2 wheel moto recycle.. any info willl help  

I had a Cougar until it got written off, but that was one thing I noticed - how much the rear wheel loved spinning up on even the slightest damp patch, not to mention going over a grid in the wet round a corner! I think it was mainly due to the weight the back end had especially with me on it. But that was a really fun part to the bike, the weight and width of the machine felt like you were riding a much bigger bike than a 125. One thing I made sure to do when I first got it home though was changine all the perishables: Engine oil, Brake fluid, Brake pads/shoes, Spark plugs and Fork seals, Oil filter, fuel filter and Air filter. The difference in the ride quality after was second to none. Slowly but surely buying more specialised parts to improve the quality of the bike. The first port of call was a new chain because my god it didn't half stretch. Moved up to Hagon twin shocks with adjustable pre-load - felt like I was on a memory foam sofa with them on. Swapped out the fork springs for softer springs to ease the front end better over bumps in the road. With a nice set of part-worn Bridgestone tyres the bike started to feel like it should of done from the start. I think everything I bought for the bike totaled up to about £600's worth of kit, but didn't half improve the bike! by far the best 125 I've ever ridden (Even if I do say so myself). The only thing that let me down big style and it has been mentioned is the electrics. Italian electrics just don't seem to like British weather. Forever cleaning contacts, replacing fuses and bulbs. A problem they really should of sorted out before production. Like Tattoo John's response to benjiii, I would expect the wrong throttle cable has been bought, which generally seems odd because they aren't exactly dear... midlandsdoc I had the same problem, until I could find a piece of rubber with the quality for a bush I actually removed the old nackered bush and swapped it out for two metal washers. Not exactly the perfect replacement but it worked, no free play from the risers so in turn the steering was more responsive. bikeboy85 I'm confused, does it not have an ignition barrel/switch? Like tappy said it raises suspicion as to wether the bike has been stolen..

hi ive had my 2001 gilera cougar for about 3 months and today i lost my only key while i was going to check my bank balance so i had to leave the bike there can anybody tell me how i can get my steering lock off and start my bike up   

Are you seriously asking someone to tell you how to steal a bike?

ok got a new ignition barrel and switch but now all the bulbs are starting to go off how do i change them 

hey guys, help would be great if you can, picked up a 2003 cougar on gumtree for 500. I took it for the MOT (what a shit of a test that is, safety is obviously not a key factor in deciding if a bike is road worthy!). Only problem once purchaced and on the way home realised THERE ARE NO DAMN MIRRORS! (how could i not have noticed).. never driven a geared bike before but did about 30 miles yesterday.. got the  hang of it but i have no idea what the lights on it mean (not the ones on the left: stand, N... the three on the right what do they tell you as the one on the far left (green ) keeps flashing on and off what does this mean????? and can anyone tell me where the choke is in case i need to use it... much appreciated

If you're not happy with the MOT test then take it somewhere you trust. There are about 25 testers in Bristol. I use 2. In both cases safety is there ONLY real consideration. Both of them are extremely thorough, but also very pragmatic. If the bike is obviously in good running order with a couple of minor things needing attention then they'll let it go and just tell you. Many of the allowable limits on the MOT test are pretty low, and if you're below these then your bike is genuinely unsafe. If you don't know what the lights are, then asking the MOT tester probably would've been a good idea. Given that they see all manner of bikes every day, they'd probably have been happy to tell you. You can buy mirrors to go into the ends of the bars if necessary. If there are meant to be mirrors (mopeds require at least a right hand one to pass UK type testing) then it shouldn't pass the MOT without them.

Hello guys recently I got a gilera cougar 125cc and I have a problem that I have a fat red wire with 2 fin wires hanging out and the wire from the starter motor is hanging out too so I was thinking that the solenoid is missing I'm I right?

Sounds pretty likely yeah. Typically you have either: Big fat red wire from battery to solenoid, then big fat red wire to starter motor. Main fuse piggy backed on the solenoid and medium sized red wire then going up to the ignition switch to power everything. Two small wires (+12V & 0V) that trigger the solenoid. Or: Big fat red wire from battery to solenoid, then big fat red wire to starter motor.  Two small wires (+12V & 0V) that trigger the solenoid. So depending on what it's meant to have, you may also be missing the main fuse too. The presence of a set of fuses elsewhere doesn't rule this out - most larger bikes have both.

Hey I'm about to buy a gilera cougar 125cc bike, I'm new to bikes, never rode one etc, the owner wants £750 for the bike its only done 912 miles, it has no MOT and no tax however the bikes in great condition theirs no rust and its stood in his garage for around six years.  What advice can anyone give me when inspecting the bike, what areas of concern are their on a cougar? 

my gilera coguar keeps cutting out when riding it,i just have to press the electric start and it keeps going loosing about 5 miles an hour from cutting out to keeping going .?????? any ideas

What kind of speeds is it cutting out at? Is it at idle when waiting at lights? Or is it as speed? Does it just go dead? Or does it hop & skip? Or does it go a bit farty sounding and then loose power? How long turning it over does it take to re-start?

Hello guys. I need help. I need a CDI for Gilera Coguar (Cougar) If someone have just contact me:   Mail: or skype: wwwiliusss  

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