Is Morris Oil any good?

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Is Morris Oil any good?

Evening folks,

I've been talked into using Morris oil in the CBR600 Sport. I usually used Silkolene or Plutolene, so at £12 for 4 litres it was alot cheaper than any other oil I've used before. So this begs the question, is it any good. I have always believed that you get what you pay for, but with me not being an engine, its hard for me to tell!


I've been using Morris oils for about 20 years in cars and bikes. I.E BMW 320, Toyota Supra, Lotus Esprit, Range Rover (3.8ltr V8,LPG Conversion, used Morris Magnol in it and it never used a drop between 6K services.), Mitsubishi Shogun, Kawa GPZ 1100, KLR 600, ZRX 1200, Fireblade, GPZ 600 all of which I've serviced myself... never had a problem with any of them... just check you're using the correct grades....Mitsubishi use Morris Lubricants as standard now and my Outlander (2ltr TD VW engine) is running very well on it.... The Mitsubishi mechanic who serviced my Outlander last time (Part of the service plan and the first time I've ever used a main dealer!) told me they used to use Mobil oils and were replacing hydralic tappets on a regular basis. Since changing to Morris its virtually unheard of...  I'll continue to use Morris products as they're good quality and reasonably priced by comparison to other larger brands and would recommend them without hesitation.

I have used Morris oils in every vehicle I have had.  1912 Aveling & Porter steam roller, several 1950's and 60's Morris 1000's, various Peugeot diesel cars, 2009 Honda Civic diesel, and several different Volvo trucks - currently a 44 tonne FH12.  My daughter does MX on a 125 Suzuki, has run a Bandit and currently a Triumph street triple on Morris's. My son did trials in his teen years using Morris's 2 stroke.  I rate their oils and recommend them both on quality and price. Nice people to deal with too.

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