How to remove 33bhp restrictor kit from suzuki 650 bandit

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How to remove 33bhp restrictor kit from suzuki 650 bandit



Can anyone help me. I came to biking late i  life (im 40) and passed my test before the new test came into effect.

As i felt i would look silly on a 125 i bought a 2006 suzuki bandit and had a mechanic fit this.

Its now 2 years since i passed and want to remove the kit. Im reluctanct to go to the mechanic as he gave me a price got the kit from suzuki but when i rang to get the bike he said it was taking a lot longer and so i ended up paying more than the original quote.

I do have the cert but to be honest it seems fast to me so maybe he never fitted it ?

Anyhow, i did get a haynes manual but this for the newer fuel injection so doést have carbs description.

i have serviced the bike myself with oil, filter , air filter plugs etc so feel i could remove the kit, but what am i looking for ?

i have seem a friends gsxr but it has a throttle restrictor that limits the movement.

please how do i remve the kit and what am i looking for

many thanks


If it's an official Suzuki kit then new bits have been fitted in the actual carbs - diaphragm piston, jets etc. You should have had the original bits off whoever fitted it as you've paid for the restriction kit not part ex'd for kit...but a lot of people aren't aware of this and never get them back. If you can't get the bits back then the price of the OE bits is around £300   If the shop didn't get the official kit they might have used restrictor washers that fit in the rubbers between carb and head but charged you the Suzuki kit price.So check the carb rubber first to see if washers are fitted, if not easiest way to check if it's the actual carbs if to pay £20-£30 for a dyno power run to check what power it is actualyy making and take it from there.

Bez,Many thanks - I didn't get anything back and yesp I paid for the kit and then fitting and then fitting again.Its been 2 years - so god knows where the parts are. He did say it was the suzuki kitWhen you say check the carb rubbber what do you mean ?Is this the rubber gaske that goes between the actual carb inlets and air filter ?So is it just restricting the air flow ?Maybe best bet is to go back and ask for them to be removed, but I wanted to avoid that costThanksBrian

hey i have a 2005 sv650 that i bought just after passing my test so got it restricted and now the 2 years are up and want to de-restrict it and am not sure what i am looking for as i am also courious as to how do i remove the front seat as want to remove the battery for storage over winter thanks guys michael

4 washers sat in each hole of the inlet manifold would be my guess.....but isnt that model FI??in which case it could be done at the ECU which could be pricey. if you dont know how to find this i would suggest you get yourself a manual.

Hi all,bought my sv advertised with restrictor the arrangement was he removed them prior to delivery, the thing is the chap is in oxford im in liverpool he's good to his word and said he'll pay for someone to sort it but ive got people saying its a couple of hours work and carb adjustments and the other saying its a case of just taking the washers out the carbs and an hours job theres a fair gap in pricing could anyone shed any light what is involved and how long it actually takes ??????all advice appreciated just want it sorted 33bhp!!! grrr!!cheers monkeyboy

its just washers between the carbs and the head,take the air box off slacken the the jubilee clips pull back the carbs and remove the washers.

Ive got a gsxr-600 k2 injected, its got both the air inlet washers and throttle resrictor, the air inlet washers are really easy to take off however the throttle restrctor is somewhat fiddley! Theres a bolt which holds the fuel manifold in place, the bolt runs through the whole width with the bolt head sitting in line with the bike frame in order to do this you need to loosen the screws which hold the fuel manifold circlips in place with the engine gasket, you then lift the fuel manifold and the bolt will no longer interfere with the frame. Take the bolt out, remove the throttle restrictor plate and assemble everything back together! Hope this helps

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