Honda MT50

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30/09/2012 at 11:44

has anyone fitted a h100 engine into mt50? and if so what was outcome . thanks

09/06/2013 at 12:15

i changed the gearing from 12 / 45 to 14 / 36 , fitted a micron exhaust , 75cc big bore barrel, hi performance reeds , filed out the reed stops and opened them up from 10mm to 15mm , opened up exhaust port significantly , filed out carb an extra 5mm ( as far as i could go ) , changed jets ( cant remember what to ) . it easily topped 60 mph , but was a bit fragile , involving numerous rebores and replacement barrels !!

16/06/2013 at 08:47

the mb and mt 50 were one of the most heavly restricted mopeds in the uk at the time having completed in the moped mayhem back in the day the mt and mb's were on of the fastest on the circuit bearing in mind you were only aloud a maximun of 56cc to complete,

i rode a fantic gitane myself but blah blah blah getting back to the point having spoken to the mb owners at the time the all were running barrel's from the nearest honda dealer in france apparently the mb mt were the fastest mopeds on the continent at the time.

so my advise to you is google honda dealer near calais and ship over or visit, new genuine barrel upjet carb and find a nice exhaust

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