Ford 1.3 Endura tappet adjustment

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13/02/2008 at 13:39

I've got  a ford Ka that i'm getting ready to sell. The engine is a bit tappy so i was going to check the tappets. On these cars how do i know when to take the measurement? Is it when 1 valve is fully down then i measure the one that is fully up or do i get them TDC and do the 2?

 I spin the engine over by jacking the 1 wheel up and turning the wheel while in gear.


13/02/2008 at 13:43

As i remember (and it a looooooooooooong time since i did any) you set em at tdc,remember to take some slap out of the push rod too or you'll never quiten it down.

Or just turn them all 1/8 of a turn

The Colin Edwards elbow save does not work at Cadwell park
13/02/2008 at 14:14
How do you mean take SLAP out of the push rod?
13/02/2008 at 16:16

sometimes the rockers are slightly stiff on the rocker shaft, I push the rocker backwards with the socket and ratchet to make sure its sat right on the pushrod so that it cant move . IYSWIM?

otherwise you can get  false reading. 

The Colin Edwards elbow save does not work at Cadwell park
14/02/2008 at 14:01

Use the rule of nine.

When valve number 8 is fully open you adjust number 1

when valve number 7 is fully open you adjust number 2

and so on.

14/02/2008 at 14:02
Its an eight valve engine i assume?
14/02/2008 at 15:03

ok thanks people. ST2 yep it's an 8v.

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