CB250RS nightmare

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CB250RS nightmare

I can safely say that this bike is the biggest pile of shit I have ever ridden.

I bought it in early April and it cas broke down and recovered by AA 3 times!

The day after I bought it it blew a seal, lost all the oil and seized the engine.

2 weeks later after a top end rebuild, new cam and rockers it breaks down again, this time the regulator/rectifier had blown - frying the battery.

Yesterday, it broke down again, this time there is no spark, despite having a new battery, rectifier and coil fitted.

Why is it so unreliable? What the hell else can I replace to make it run?

I am so pissed off with this bike. I could do with some help before I push it over a cliff.

watchyMCFCwatchy wrote (see)

 I could do with some help before I push it over a cliff.

Sorry mate, I've got a bad back

If you still have this worthless bag O'poo, do you want to sell it?

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