bmw abs removal on r1150rt

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bmw abs removal on r1150rt

hi all,just a thread to anybody who is thinking of removal of the abs/servo unit on their BMW. I have just done mine and its a delight to ride a bike without the fear of complete brake failure, if anyone is contemplating doing it i have the wiring diagram for the electrics. and the brake system changeover to manual.

I am about to do a removal on my 2002 RT Please send my what you have. Thanks.

My 52 reg r1150rt is experiencing the well reported brake failure.  Would appreciate any info you've got to convert it to non abs.  My email is Thanks Huw

des founds, can you tell me where to get the abs bypass kit? Mal 949.371.3573 02 r 1150rt

Hello des founds, the abs serve system on my 2001 R1150RT has failed.  Can you please provide any info you have. Many thanks, Ron Irving

Hello Des Founds, My R1150RT (build 2001) has a iABS brake problem as well. I am very much interested in your documents about the removal of the ABS completely. Gould you please send me your instructions for this? Kind regards, Bert,  

Like many others, mine failed this week.  Can you please send me the information you have. Cheers, Scott,

Yes ever since coming out people have been removing this fine piece of German engineering and many many more issues. I've spent so much time and money on mine with spline lubes, abs, hall sensors failing, starters with magnets falling off, shaft seals etc etc etc ad infinitum I'm just about ready to give up and scrap her with 34,000 miles on the clock. I personally, as much as I enjoy riding it will never buy another BMW, unless I win the lottery and can have 3 and a personal mechanic (and she must have large breasts) it will bankrupt me this bike.

Throwing in the towel

Hi , I bought my 1st BMW last year a 95R1100RS and it has been a constant headache and today the Clutch went bang ! I want to get rid but my girlfriend says its the comfiest bike that she has rode pillion on and loves it.

Hi Des, I have a 2004 R 1150 rt that is having abs problems and I would appreciate it if you would let me have the details on removing the ABS-servo unit and making good afterwords with the wiring and break pipes + switches 

Hi just have removed mt abs

Hi just have removed mt abs unit but have problems with tail/brake light would appreciate if you could send me the wiring diagrams :

sorry that should be

sorry that should be


Hey, Des Founds. Would you be so kind and send me info on removing the ABS on my 2005 R1150RT? It is misbehaving. I don't always have an alarm but it is quite regular. Thanks.

Oops. My email address
Hi there 1150 2001... looks

Hi there 1150 2001... looks like mine took longer than usual!! Could you please send instructions to - many thanks!

Abs bypass r1150

Hi. Would like details of bypassing R1150 abs
Thank you

abs removal

I have an 05 1150RT with evo brakes (iABS/ABSiii etc)can you email me the wiring and plumbing diagrams

wayne doherty ---

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