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Bandit 1200 Electrical problem.

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Bandit 1200 Electrical problem.

Strange thing, as I turned my key this morning it took about a second or two for the clocks to do their flyby, but after that everything looked ok. Set off, got half way on my ride, filled up with Fuel.

Back to the bike, ignition on, nothing, no power to anything. Turned ignition off, clocks did their thing after a few seconds. This happened a couple of times, but then nothing at all.

The clock needles are now stuck at 120mph and 9,000rpm, but no power to anything.

Battery is fine. Fuses all good. Anyone have any ideas?

On most Suzukis there's a main 30A fuse under the plastic cover on the starter solenoid #1 ........ have a butcher's at that. I had the same symptoms on my RF. The wiring for the main power lead/30 A fuse goes through a plug that sits on top of the soleniod and on mine the pins got a bit corroded over the years so made intermittent contact. A gentle scrape with a knife blade cleaned 'em up and a very careful slight bend of the pins to make better contact has cured it.

You my friend, are an absolute star! While there's no fuse in there on the Bandit I found the connections were pretty green. Bit of cleaner, bit of oil, weyhey.Many thanks.

Sorry, miss-information, the 30Amp fuse is there under the cover, but that was fine. Had to split the actual solonoid connection, cleaned in there.

At least you're at home - I was 100 miles away when I first discovered it Glad you're sorted

So was I, had to be rescued! Even bought a toolkit from the garrage, oh well!

HiJust wanted to say thanks for this post I had the same problem but no power to the lights or dials as the 30 Amp fuse had blown! (under the left pannel on GSF1220 Bandit) Wish I found this befor getting the new battery but up and running now!

No power to  anything clocks -lights -nothing as if battery stone dead-check every thing---eventuall unpluged conecter on top of starter solenoid there are 4 spade type teminals in there they were all green the male ones are in the solinoid -- as soon as i touch one with a sharpe knife it broke off and then another one done same--I have to get a new or secondhand solinoid now,but i untill i fit replacement solinoid i dont know if that was the fault   anyone know for sure if this issue can cause the complete electrical system to shut down???Thanks  --and were can a find a Solenoid--2004 1200 bandit and at what price??

I haven't got an 04 Bandit manual but the earlier ones are the same design as above - all the juice goes from the battery, through that plug and then up to the ignition switch. So if you've got corrosion/broken lugs in the solenoid you'll have a complete blackout.Dunno what suzuki prices are but wemoto do a solenoid for the 04 1200 for £63 (gulp) to Ron Ayers - - it's the same part  - 31800-26E00 - on just about all Bandits, Hyabusa, early GSXR750 and some DRs so you should be able to get one from a breaker fairly easily.

Thats good to know-managed to find a second hand one for £20 delivered tomorrow-they are as you say commonly used item on suzuki-Fingers crossed and many thanksTerry

I have just experienced the same problem as TClancey.. My bike is a '97 1200 bandit and never seen much rain , the connections are all clean... I did hear a dull click as it cut out which made me think solenoid.. Fuses all good, maybe I need to test the solenoid and ignition switch with a multimeter ?

Will this also effect the ignition system as I am getting a weak spark  or no spark??

Have a 2003 Bandit 1200. Switched it on try to start and everything went black. Checked all the fuses the 30 amp one as well and all is ok. When i turn the key on and of some times the dials will react but other than that there is nothing working, no lights zilts. Anyone who can give advice 

Sounds like the battery's goosed - they can go unserviceable very suddenly. When did the problem start? When did you last use it?

I bought a new battery and still nothing. I ride every weekend and when the misses and i wanted to go for a ride the bike switched on gave one crank and died. That was last weekend 23/03/2013. since that i checked all the fuses and there is no problem there. If i take the battery terminals of and reconnect them the dials react but that's that. if i turn the key in the ignition on and off a couple of times the dials will react but no lights not even dashboard lights will come on. Can it be a faulty ignition??

hi my suzuki bandit 1200 got stolen i bought a new ignition fitted it, but there is no spark, it turns over, the lights come on, so i bought a new cdi unit thinking it was that and the bike still wont start help please!??

hi my suzuki bandit 1200 1999 model got stolen i bought a new ignition fitted it, but there is no spark, it turns over, the lights come on, so i bought a new cdi unit thinking it was that and the bike still wont start help please!??ALL FUSES ARE FINE

im haveing a little bit different problem started with when key was turned on all was normal pressed starter butten clicked  all went dead .now when turning on key all is dead wiggle key sometimes a flash of lights turn key off gages reset followed all advise above rather desperate as is my only mode of tranportation . 

Similar thing happened to my 1998, 1200 Bandit. I got soaked in the rain. I started it fine, then turned the lights on and everything cut out. now the ignition lights come on but nothing else. Also when I take the key out the ignition lights stay on (slightly dimmer) until I turn off the kill switch???  

6-12-15 my mk1 97 plate 1200 been sat in the garage all ok no problems at all till today,new battery this year and checked (full charge) in battery. turned key got lights on dash, when I tried to start her heard a click and lights went out and if left will come back on after a while but if I pressed horn ,indicators or pressed head light flash I heard a click and dash lights go out. checked all fuses even 30amp all seem good, checked the connections all seem good but if I try to start I hear a click won't turn over and all power goes.I had fitted led light to my side light feed and direct earth to frame but then disconnected so it was one thing not to interfere as its off a toyota yaris and had been working fine. can't figure this out loads of power but If I try to operate any electrics all peer fails and still hear a click then lights out !!! 

Same problem on my bandit 600 mk 2 was riding fine intill a coupple months ago it's temper mental i scanned around the 30 amp fuse all looked fine I unplugged a white clip and there had been a short circuit and melted the holder for the pin I've bypassed it with spade fittings direct don know if this has sorted the issue as not got time to ride it now but I'd advise anyone with a bandit to just double check ur clips and connectors more so on pre 2005 as the eletrical components will be ten years old I hope this helps anyone I would post pics but this site don't let you

Great lot of posts had same problem with my 97 bandit, was working fine before sorned it, went to start it to get ready for MOT but very dim lights and horn just about a squeak but when I turn the alarm I fitted it gave a high pitched sound which told me battery was fine.  I have changed the power lead from battery to solenoid but made no difference, from what I have read here I am almost sure it will be the connections on the 30amp fuse...... will let you all know tomorrow and thanks for posts I was going out of my head......well a bit more out of it than usual   

1998 1200, had a ride out last night, all fine. parking up when I got home, everything went off; lights, ignition, the lot! tried it this morning, not even neutral and oil light come on! checked fuses and battery, and connectors, all fine. guess i'll hunt the 30amp fuse now, thanks to this!

that was it!  

whitefoote (not verified)

2000 Bandit here. Have annunciator light but no headlight. Bike starts if I jump solenoid, replaced it but still wont crank. Checked all kill switches all good. Saw a U Tube where it was the gang plug behind the light. The yellow one with the jumper. Anyone else have this?

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